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Stop Spyware and Spam infecting your PC

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Some of the fastest-growing and dangerous threats on the Internet are spyware, adware, dialers and browser hijackers. Simple web-page browsing can cause you a lot of PC infections.
User opinions
“My kids used to download mp3 music from Internet, and our computer got infected. So, I had to forbid my children to do that. Since I purchased VirusBurst, my computer is always clean from infections and we download now music and movies without any problems.”
Gary Moore, USA
“After visiting an adult website with free content i started to experience constant problems with my PC. It was a nightmare. I downloaded and registered VirusBurst which stands sentinel over my PC now. I am Safe and Secured. Thank you VirusBurst!”
Jane T., Canada
Latest threats
12-12 Trojan.Delf.bbd
12-09 Virus.Merin.a
12-06 Trojan.LdPinch.bbo

Our Company

VirusBurst, Inc., based in Vienna, Austria, develops leading Internet security and privacy solutions for enterprises and consumers. Founded in 2000, the company's mission is to bring security, productivity and privacy to the Internet.

The company has undergone significant changes in year-end 2003 to ensure the needs of large corporations by acquiring new technologies and establishing notable partnerships. With additional management and resources, VirusBurst offers substantial value to enterprises – whether they are Fortune 1000 companies, towns, municipalities or academic institutions.

Our mission is to encourage safe, secure and stable personal computing through the development and delivery of world class software applications that are backed up by exceptional customer service.

We are a fast growing company with dedicated Research and Development Teams helping us to remain competitive leaders in the products we release. In addition we run a specialized Malware research center devoted to identifying new malware definitions and threats - so our customers can rapidly and easily obtain updates to help prevent new computer infections.

Our products and services are used by millions of people, with registered customers in over 150 countries. Our products are actively used by individual users, small businesses, non-profit and community organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, right through to a number of the worlds leading Fortune 500 companies.

Our products continue winning awards and gaining recommendations from respected reviewers around the globe.

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