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Stop Spyware and Spam infecting your PC

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Some of the fastest-growing and dangerous threats on the Internet are spyware, adware, dialers and browser hijackers. Simple web-page browsing can cause you a lot of PC infections.
User opinions
“My kids used to download mp3 music from Internet, and our computer got infected. So, I had to forbid my children to do that. Since I purchased VirusBurst, my computer is always clean from infections and we download now music and movies without any problems.”
Gary Moore, USA
“After visiting an adult website with free content i started to experience constant problems with my PC. It was a nightmare. I downloaded and registered VirusBurst which stands sentinel over my PC now. I am Safe and Secured. Thank you VirusBurst!”
Jane T., Canada
Latest threats
12-12 Trojan.Delf.bbd
12-09 Virus.Merin.a
12-06 Trojan.LdPinch.bbo


Don't wait, download VirusBurst 's FREE Spyware Scanner
Arm yourself against spyware and start eliminating the Danger now!.

Advanced Scanning Engine. In order to avoid detection, names of adware and spyware are often changed but their content remains the same. VirusBurst's high quality spyware detection and removal engine finds even the most artful infections and removes them quickly and effectively.
Two Scan Modes. VirusBurst offers its users the Quick and Full Scan modes. If you choose Quick scan the program will search infections in the most common places of spyware locations; if you choose Full Scan the entire hard drive will be checked.
Real-time protection. This feature protects your PC from all known phishing attacks, popup blocking, browser infections and tracking cookies.
The Ignore List. Files placed to the Ignore List are ignored during VirusBurst scans - they are not wiped out by the program and they do not appear in your Scan results when you scan your PC for infections.
Quarantine Manager. Sometimes Spyware connect themselves to legitimate applications, so removing them can impact the functionality of these applications. Due to the Quarantine Manager you can restore some specific files you have removed.
A Scan Scheduler. It is not very convenient to perform scans manually all the time. You can use a Scan Scheduler to set time and date for automatic Spyware scans of your PC.
Plug-in Support. This feature improves functionality and allows addition of external expansions and upgrades.
Live Software Updates. Spyware infections are improved and changed every day. The Live Software Updates option allows you to keep VirusBurst always up-to-date and able to cope with the newest spyware infections.
Free Customer Support. In case you have any questions or concerns related to spyware management and protection, you may contact our customer support service which is available 24/7.
An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) - VirusBurst's Intuitive Interface was designed with home user in mind.
System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 operating system.
- Minimum of 32 Mb RAM, 15 Mb hard drive space.
- CPU Pentium 300 processor.
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